Help Stop Animal Cruelty

There are a number of ways you can help to stop animal suffering, many of which you will not know about.

Different Types Of Animal Cruelty

Learn about the animal cruelty we need to fight, and why animals so desperately need our help.

Below are the main sections this site is divided into, with information about each

Fundraising Ideas To Help Animals

There are lots of ways you can help raise funds for animals in need, including ways that cost you nothing, and need not even involve you leaving your sofa! Others take a little more effort but are definitely worth it. Have a look for ways that would suit you. For other ways to help stop animal suffering, see the Help Stop Animal Cruelty section.

Help stop animal cruelty and suffering

This section tells you of numerous different ways you can help stop animal suffering, many of which you won’t know about. Many ways are free or low cost. They can be fun, take very little time and effort, and there is something to suit everyone. The section also tells you the most effective way to report animal cruelty you see on the web. Only turning your outrage at animal cruelty into ACTION can help stop it. For ways to raise funds to help animals, including ways that cost you nothing in money or effort, see the "Fundraising Ideas To Help Animals" section.

Types of animal cruelty

This section features pages exposing many different forms of animal cruelty all over the world, some of which you may not be familiar with. It reveals shocking and horrifying facts that industries, countries, companies and Governments try their best to keep hidden. (Warning: graphic content).

Save a pet

This section focuses on issues surrounding companion animals / pets. Among it’s pages, it explores the huge problem of Pet Abandonment, the many horrifying dangers of advertising pets free to a good home or for a low cost, and explains the safest way to re-home pets.

Buy fundraising and charity cards and goods

In this section you can help raise funds to save animals from suffering by purchasing from a wide range of fundraising greetings cards, as well as T-shirts, gifts, and other items.