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If you would like to save a pets life, you can find out about  sponsoring, fostering or adopting one in this section of the website.  There is also information about other issues surrounding pet abandonment.

There are thought to be around 600 million unwanted dogs and cats in the world. Many of these innocent souls are put to death because there are not enough people willing to look after them. There isn’t enough room in pounds, shelters, and rescues because pets are being bred and abandoned at a higher rate than they are being adopted.

Mny people think that only “problem” dogs get abandoned. In reality, the vast majority of pets are abandoned through no fault of their own, but because of poor judgement and a lack of forethought and planning by humans.

The problem of unwanted pets is, among other things, due to these issues:

  • People continuing to breed pets, despite so many needing adopted
  • People continuing to buy newly bred pets, despite so many needing adopted
  • People abandoning pets
  • People not neutering their pets
  • The lack of Government legislation controlling breeding of pets

People keep breeding puppies and kittens to try to make money. They only do this because people keep paying large amounts of money for them. If there was less demand, there would be fewer pets bred. If people chose to adopt instead, they would save a rescued pet and they would also free up a rescue space so another abandoned pet could have its life saved. On top of that, they wouldn’t be encouraging the breeding of more pets by financially rewarding breeders.

Nobody wants to admit responsibility for the awful situation, and wants to pass the blame. The truth is, we ALL have a responsibility to do what we can to make this situation better. We can do this by adopting, fostering, sponsoring, neutering and volunteering, instead of buying, breeding or abandoning pets.

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Abandoned animals only have a short time in local authority pounds and shelters before they are put to death. They are put to death because “no kill” rescues and shelters are full, so they have nowhere to go, and the local authority shelter needs to make space for the never ending stream of more abandoned pets.

By deciding to adopt, , or by sponsoring or fostering a pet, you will save a pet from death.

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Overview Of This Section Of The Website

In this ‘Save A Pet’ section of the website, you can find out lots of information about pet adoption, and about sponsoring and fostering animals.

You can find rescues near you to adopt from, foster for, or sponsor a dog through. If you have your heart set on a cetain breed, there are many breed specific rescues which rescue & re-home specific breeds. Around 1 in 4 dogs in general rescues & shelters are pure breeds.

You can also find specific species of animals to adopt.

We look at why certain breeds of dogs are unfairly labelled as dangerous dogs, and at other overlooked shelter pets that struggle to find loving homes. These are the breeds most often the dogs put to death at pounds and shelters.

Many people who buy puppies from pet shops feel that they are saving the pet, because seeing them there pulls on their heart strings. They don’t realise that they are actually funding cruel puppy farms, also called puppy mills. Puppy farms can also sell puppies online, and have deceptive, legitimate looking websites fronting their operation.

People running puppy farms are only concerned with profit, and not with animal welfare. Breeding dogs are kept in awful conditions and are horribly neglected and abused. They are not given necessary veterinary care, and are inhumanely killed or left to die when they are no longer of use.

They often inhumanely kill puppies they are unable to sell, using methods such as drowning, starving, beating, or even burying them alive! The puppies they do sell are often riddled with bad health conditions and have a life full of suffering due to this, or die early.

The same goes for kitten farms and mills, and can also apply to other animals, such as rabbits.

We also look at the expense, pain and heart break, bad breeders cause to animals and their owners, because of their greedy, money grabbing, corner-cutting, bad breeding practices.

Many abandoned dogs are put to death every single day in the UK, but the majority of them are Staffordshire Bull Terrier types. Greyhounds are often victims of abandonment too, because of the greyhound racing industry. Lurchers are often abandoned because they were bred and bought for hunting, but are not good enough at it. In the US the number of dogs put do death every year is shockingly thought to be around 4 million, with Pit Bull Terrier types being the majority due to over-breeding there and the breed having gained a bad reputation, through no fault of its own.

Image: Pit Bull Terriers , like Trixie, are a loving, affectionate and friendly breed, but certain humans give them a bad reputation because of how they train and abuse them. There are huge numbers of adoptable Pit Bulls put to death in the US and the breed is banned in the UK.  Source


We also explore the horrifying fates of animals advertised in Free To Good Home adverts. We look at what they can endure by ending up falling in to the wrong hands. There is also advice on how to best keep pets safe from this.

Many people are looking for a cheap dog fence. However, keep in mind that your pet’s safety should come first. Cheapest usually does not mean best. Going with the best system from the get-go is a much better idea. We suggest you consider quality and cost per use over a five-year time frame while cheap wireless dog fence systems, we recommend you check out various review sites and professional installers before committing to an invisible dog fence. Check out these two highly rate manufacturers as well, both have very high ratings and PetStop brand.


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Pages & Descriptions

How Animal Rescue Works
Page Description: 
Explains how the many different elements of the volunteer animal rescue community work together to save as many innocent animals as they can. It explains how each individual task fits in to the animal rescue process.

Adopt A Dog, Cat Or Other Animal
Page Description: Details about pet adoption, answering questions you may have, and why there is such an overwhelming problem of pet abandonment, leading to the constant killing of so many adoptable animals.

Adopting Rescue Pets
Page Description: Learn all about pet adoption.

Animal Fostering & Sponsoring
Page Description: Information about the vitally important, and life saving act, of sponsoring or fostering animals.

So Called Dangerous Dogs & Overlooked Shelter Pets
Page Description: Explores why certain dogs are overlooked when people choose pets to adopt, why certain breeds gain bad reputations, and why there are so many innocent dogs of certain breeds in rescues and shelters being put to death.

Adopt A Pet Here
Page Description: If you would like to save a pet by adopting it, you will enjoy able to find animal rescues all over the UK and the US on this page, including rescues near you. You will be able to go to their websites and see what animals they have available for adoption, sponsorship, and fostering.

Animals Free To Good Home Warning
Page Description: A warning about the appalling abusive situations many animals experience after falling in to the wrong hands as a result of being advertised as ‘free to a good home’, or cheaply. Also, advice about how best to avoid this.

Bad Breeders
Page Description: Dogs from bad breeders, who often present themselves as responsible breeders, often have more health and behavioural problems because of thoughtless and irresponsible breeding practices that net the breeder more profit, but leads to pain and distress for the pets, and heartbreak & expense for owners.

Spay And Neuter
Page Description: Find out how you can be responsible for saving huge numbers of animals from suffering.

Pet Shop Cruelty, Puppy Mills, and Back Yard Breeders
Page Description: Beware of being fooled into funding the horrifying cruelty of puppy farms and backyard breeders. You’ll be shocked by the suffering of all types of animals behind the scenes of pet shops.

Cross Posting
Page Description: You can be responsible for helping to save the lives of abandoned pound dogs and cats, just by crossposting them online to help them find a life saving rescue space.

Posters And Flyers To Download And Display

Page Description: If you have access to printer, you can help with the work of animal rescuers by spreading awareness.


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How You Can Help

You can help by adopting a pet, or by fostering or sponsoring a pet. If you have an unaltered pet, you can neuter or spay it.

If you cannot do any of those things, there are still things you can do. You can help by cross-posting pets looking for rescue spaces (see the Cross-Posting page for details of what to do).


If you can afford to spare any money, you can donate to the Pounds For Poundies website to help save the lives of abandoned pets they are trying to help. Even a pound could mean the difference between an abandoned pet being saved or put to death. It will help if you can cross-post the animals too.

This website lets you know of many other ways to help stop animal cruelty, and there are ways  that will suit everyone, no matter what their personality. Share these ways with other people, on social media for example, to get more people helping.

Educating people about the cruelty that goes on is another way to help, so share the information on this website on social media. You can find this information in the Types Of Animal Cruelty section of this site. Viewing it will allow you to broaden your knowledge of many different types of animal abuse that happens in the world.

Sadly, the cruelty you will learn of is only the tip of the iceberg, which is why every little bit of help the animals can get is needed. But do not despair or feel helpless, just go to the Help Stop Animal Cruelty section of this site, and find a way to help animals that suits you, from the large and varied choice of ways to help.

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