Your Purchases Help Save Animals From Cruelty And Suffering


You can help animals in two ways by buying items from the fundraising store. Not only can you raise awareness of animal cruelty and suffering by wearing or displaying your item, but you also directly help animals in need with money you spent on the item.

This page gives information about how the test through the store is done, and how animals are helped. We couldn’t help them without you.

Image: Anti-BSL T-shirt in our fundraising store investment raisies awareness and purchase gives donation to help animals
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How Much From Each Item Sold Is Donated To Animal Charities And Rescues?

When you buy products because doing so raises funds to help animals, you often do not know exactly how much money from each sale is donated to helping animals. It could be a very small amount from each sale, and is often between 0.1% and 10%.
Sometimes you will be told your purchase has fed a shelter dog for a day. Other times you will be told £1 per item is donated to help animals. They say that they could not afford to keep running and fundraising to help animals if they donated any more than that. Well we believe that we can:

With our fundraising store, it is simple and clear. Whenever an item in the store is sold, a whopping 25% of the net profit from that item is added to a fund. This fund is periodically donated to animal charities and rescues, meaning your purchases directly help save animals in need, from cruelty and suffering. These animals could not be helped without you, so THANK YOU!

Another important way your purchases can help animals is that, with many of our products, you will also be spreading awareness of animal cruelty issues just by wearing them!




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What Kind Of Animals Are Helped By My Purchase?

All types of animals are helped by the fund from fundraising store purchases. Donations from the fund are made to animal charities, rescues, and non-profit organisations that help a whole range of animals, such as companion animals, working animals, farmed animals, other exploited animals, and wild animals. The wild animals helped are both at sanctuaries and rescues, and in their natural environment in the wild. Groups campaigning to improve the welfare and rights of animals are also donated to from the fund.

Image: Your purchases will help all kinds of animals in need

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How Do You Decide Which Charitable Organisations Receive Funds?

Many people have heard of the large, well known animal charities and non-profits, but there are also many lesser known charities, rescues, and organisations working hard to save animals from suffering, and improve rights for animals. Donations are only given if the ethos and conduct of the organisation is in line with our own.

Safety and welfare of animals has to be paramount. For instance, thorough assessments and home checks need to be done when rehoming pets, no “wildlife management” done (culling of healthy wild animals because they feel there are too many), promotion of animal welfare and rights, and no exploitation of animals in any way.


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