Fur Farming – Animals Skinned Alive


The fur farming industry is horrifically cruel. Animals are skinned alive fully conscious for their fur, after being beaten and having their bones broken. They survive after being skinned for up to ten minutes in unimaginable agony.

They live their lives crushed in to tiny cages, being driven mad. The animals receive no veterinary attention and are just left to suffer. A worker was quoted as saying “There is nothing wrong with treating the animals this way. They are going to die anyway.”

This is a huge industry where millions upon millions of innocent animals are regularly meeting this fate, prevalently in Asian countries, such as China and the Philippines.

Image: Truck full of dogs crammed into tiny cages and bound for Chinese restaurants. Source



Fur Farming In China

China is now the world leader in fur production. Other countries often import fur from China because they are able to purchase it cheaply there. Unfortunately, there are no laws protecting animals from horrifyingly cruel treatment in China and these fur farms make the most of this.

Image: Chinese Fur Trade Victims. Source

Raccoon Skins drying out on wooden stands.

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Animals Skinned Alive In Fur Farming

Fur is a big industry in China. Fur farming means the animals endure horrific, completely unjustified torture.

The animals, including cats and dogs, are caught in traps set in the wild, taken from the streets, or suffer miserable lives on a fur farm.

They are packed tightly into small cages, hardly able to move. They are then tossed with no care from the trucks onto the ground. This causes injuries and great pain. They are given no treatment, just left to suffer.

The animal is brutally pulled out of the cage, then tied to prevent resistance. The animal receives a blow to the head. However,it is made sure that it is still alive and fully conscious, as it is believed that it is easier to skin the animal while it is alive.

If the animal is not too heavy, the worker instead holds it by its hind legs, lifts it in the air and slams it’s body against the ground. This gives a blow to the head but also shatters other bones, causing agony.

Once the animal is in too much pain to move and fight back, the worker cuts in to the animal’s rear, then tears the skin away from the body.

The worker purposely keeps the animal alive during the skinning process, as it is believed that it is easier to skin the animal while it is still warm and blood flows through its veins.

Once the animals are ready to be skinned, the workers slam the animals against the ground, stamp on their heads and necks or bludgeon them. This causes agonising injuries, often breaking bones which can include their backs and necks.

They are in excruciating pain with their injuries, and still fully conscious when their skin is sliced an writhed off them. The workers do not seem to be at all affected by the screams of agony coming from these animals.

The animal is then tossed aside, and slowly, amidst a heap of its dying skinned friends, it perishes as it is no longer able to withstand the excruciating agony it feels every second.

The animal can be alive and fully conscious up to ten minutes after being skinned. Video footage I have seen shows animals trying to muster up any strength they can find to desperately crawl away. It is heart breaking.

Image: This raccoon dog was skinned alive and thrown on to a pile of many others that had just been forced to endure the same agony. Many of of the animals were still alive and in unimaginable pain. In this video still, this raccoon dog managed to lift it’s head up and look at the person doing the under cover filming, as if to plead with them to stop it’s agony. Source



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What Kind Of Animals Are Used?

A whole variety of animals are victims of the fur trade. These include smaller animals, such as rabbits and chinchillas, and larger Raccoon dogs. Most animals with fur are under threat.

Image: Animal skinned alive for fur. Source


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How Are The Animals Acquired?

Many animals are bred for the purpose of being skinned for their fur. This means they spend their whole lives in cramped little cages that they never get out of. They are unable to go about expressing their natural behaviour, so slowly go mad.

Another way people acquire animals to skin for fur is by trapping wild animals and forcing them in to these cramped cages ready to be ‘harvested’.

It is even known for pets and stray animals to be stolen for their fur.

Image: Dogs awaiting their fate in cramped cages. Source


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Avoiding Supporting Fur Farming

Obviously fur coats are only for the most heartless, unfeeling of people that are full of ugliness. Fur coats require numerous innocent animals to be put through the appalling fur farming process just for one of these cruelest of coats to be made.

There are a lot of coats and jackets for males and females, with fur trims on the hoods, collars or cuffs, etc. There are also furry boots, gloves with fur trims, furry hats and many other garments.

Even certain toys and ornamental animals are made with real fur, when you may not expect them to be.

Image: Rabbit still alive and in agony after being skinned alive for it’s fur. Source


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WARNING: Real Fur Labelled As Faux Fur

Most people have a conscience and so would never dream of wearing real fur. Imitation, or faux fur has been available for a long time as an alternative. However, worryingly, it has been found that real fur is being sold all over the world labelled as faux fur.

Image: Faux Fur Coat. Source



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How to Stop Animal Cruelty

If you would like to find organisations needing your action and support to fight against a specific type of cruelty, enter the type of cruelty you want to help stop (for example “fur cruelty”) into a search engine online, or search bar on social media.
Do this through a fundraising search engine so you can raise money to help animals with every search.

On this site you will find many varied ways you can help stop animal cruelty, and there are ways  that will suit everyone, no matter what your personality.

If you would like to learn more about why we so urgently need to help stop animal suffering, please have a look at the Types Of Animal Cruelty section of this site. It will allow you to broaden your knowledge of many different types of animal abuse that happens in the world.

Sadly, what you will find is only the tip of the iceberg, but do not worry, because in the Help Stop Animal Cruelty section of this site, you can find a large and varied choice of ways that you can help stop the suffering. Have a look and see what ways would most suit you.

Help animals further by sharing the ways to stop animal cruelty you learn with other people and on social media. Doing this could mean more people help stop the cruelty, and therefore you are responsible for more animals being saved from suffering.

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