Cruel Animal Overpopulation Controls & Attitudes


Cruel measures to control animal overpopulation are legally used in different countries on domestic companion pets on the street, as well as wild animals. Even if they are not strictly legal in some places, the authorities have no interest in enforcing the law and are often the ones who are breaking it.

Cruel methods are used to kill stray dogs, as they are deemed a nuisance and there is the belief that doing so will stem the spread of rabies. In reality, this is ineffective and vaccines should instead be used.

There is no regard for the animals terrible & prolonged suffering, despite humane methods being available. In some countries officials pay citizens to kill stray dogs and they do not care if it is done if the most cruel of ways – even burning them alive or burying them alive!

In many of these countries, the cruelty of these animal overpopulation control measures reflects on the countries contemptuous attitude towards these animals as a society.


Mayor Pays Citizens To Murder Stray Dogs

To cut stray animal overpopulation, the Mayor of San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, México pays citizens around $20 to slaughter strays in any way they wish. $20 is around what it would cost for a charity organisation to neuter each dog and release them once they were fully recovered. The Mayor, Manuel Baldenebro Arredondo, sees nothing wrong with citizens killing innocent stray dogs using extremely cruel methods such as poisoning, stabbing, and beating them to death.

In other parts of Mexico, legal and acceptable animal overpopulation control methods include electrocution of stray animals.

Image: A nursing female stray dog that has been violently bludgeoned to death and her fragile puppies trying desperately to suckle from her dead body. These puppies will die now too, as the mother will no longer produce milk for them. Source


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Ukraine Burned Dogs Alive For Euro 2012

Between 2008 – 2012, at least 50,000 stray dogs were cruelly burned alive, shot, beaten to death, hanged and poisoned in Ukraine. These actions were to cut the stray animal overpopulation before 1.5 million people were expected to visit Ukraine for the Euro 2012 football tournament the country hosted.

Around 7000 dogs a month in Donetsk alone were being killed in these horrifically painful and inhumane ways. Purposely poisoned dogs that are suffering tremendously painful and distressing deaths, were heartlessly thrown in to the bin to die.


Officials in Ukraine are suspected of corruption and pocketing 99% of the funds that should have been used for animal overpopulation controls. With the 1% left, they chose cheap and inhumane methods. Animals who are poisoned suffer prolonged and agonising deaths. Evidence filmed in the country by charity Naturewatch shows dogs with their bodies racked by spasms in their death-throes.


The country had mobile incinerators in to which they threw innocent stray dogs alive and fully conscious, after first paralysing their muscles with a syringe gun. This was so they could not struggle and escape and had no hope of defending themselves.

The Ukraine wanted to get rid of the stray animal overpopulation problem there before Euro 2012, but did not want people to know that this is how they are going about it.

Image: Clockwise starting from top left: Boycott Euro 2012 in Ukraine banner; body of a dog visibly burning after being thrown in to a portable furnace in Ukraine whilst alive and fully conscious, just paralysed by a drug; innocent dogs beaten, poisoned and shot dead due to cruel animal overpopulation measures being used in Ukraine in time for Euro 2012.


The Burning Alive And Massacres of Stray Animals In Romania

Although they are part of the EU, Romania ignores EU animal cruelty laws. It illegally and inhumanely kills numerous animals secretly, behind closed doors every day.

Romania’s animal overpopulation controls involve beating stray animals to death, hacking them to death with axes, and burning them alive.

The authorities do not just do this to animals in their own municipal pounds, where the dogs are kept in inhumane conditions before they are killed. They are also known to forcibly enter rescues run by charitable organisations, and massacre the innocent animals in those establishments too.

For example, 230 dogs and puppies were massacred overnight in a rescue run by The Ador Association in Botosani, Romania. The massacre was ordered by Mayor, Catalin Mugurel Flutur, and possibly the Chief Veterinarian. Volunteers arriving at the rescue to tend to the dogs in the morning were confronted by their blood soaked dead bodies and officials.

Image: Just SOME of the 230 innocent dogs that had no idea they were going to be massacred by the Romanian authorities following orders of the Mayor that same night, and that horrified and devastated volunteers would be confronted with their blood soaked bodies the next morning. The photographs were taken by volunteers hours before the massacre, at the charitable rescue run by The Ador Association in Botosani, Romania. Volunteers bring Romanian dogs and puppies to safety at the rescue, in order to save them from the cruelty of the Romanian authorities and citizens, who take them to inhumane municipal pounds and kill them in inhumane ways such as beating or hacking them to death and burning them alive. This is their form of animal overpopulation control, instead of humanely operated capture-neuter-release programs.



It has been known for people who try to save street dogs from the authorities’ illegal, inhumane and unjust treatment, to be killed.

Magyari Loredana, a citizen of Romania, is brave enough to speak out and share this:

“I am Romanian and do everything I can to help stray dogs.We have a dog shelter in our city financed by a German Organisation. They also do sterilisations twice a year. I am thankful to these foreign people that
help us. Otherwise the same as in Botosani would happen here. The authorities in our city illegally kill hundreds of dogs. Such things are normal in our country. The stray dogs in Romania are a money making industry. I hear every day about animal cruelty in our country. I could not kill an animal even if somebody would offer me all the money in the world. Most of the Romanian authorities, and Romanian people, have no respect for the animals. PLEASE, we need help from outside to convince the Government that the solution is sterilisation. If they leave the local authorities to decide what to do with the animals, we will have such terrible news every day. And most of it we will not even know about. The people who commit such things should be punished by the law.
PLEASE HELP US MAKE THEM TO RESPECT THE EUROPEAN LAW!!! How many million stray dogs should die more until we can change the situation in Romania? I am ashamed to live here!”



Every week, hundreds of innocent, terrified dogs of all ages are taken to the Chief Veterinarian’s crematorium facility, approximately seven kilometres from Tulcea in Romania. There, they are BURNED ALIVE. Despite the opposition to these actions, and even court cases won, hundreds of innocent puppies and dogs continue to be burned alive there every week because of Romania’s cruel animal overpopulation measures.


Romanian animal lovers put themselves at risk to try to help save animals from cruelty. They remark at how Romanians are brought up to have no respect or compassion for animals and to be violent towards them.

Citizens beat the street animals to death, or shoot them, or hurt and kill them any way they can. It seems to be a pastime for citizens to ‘help solve’ the animal overpopulation problem by finding ways to torture these innocent animals to death.

Thirteen dogs were tortured and beheaded for no reason by Romanian factory workers. Dog rescue volunteers who help stray dogs also find themselves to be targets of such dog hating people.

Image: This is Lori the dog. In Romania, someone attacked her with a screwdriver, leaving her for dead and in excruciating pain. She only survived because ‘Our Friends Dog Rescue’ came to her aid. The rescue, based in Romania, is (at the time of writing) under threat of closure from authorities. Most Citizens accept horrifically inhumane animal overpopulation controls with complete indifference.


People also set traps for street dogs to get caught in. In one such trap they slowly get strangled to death as they try to escape. Either that, or as the wire tightens around their body, it slowly cuts them in half.

One dog was rescued from such a trap in Romania by a Romanian animal lover, who named the dog Petronel. Petronel was found caught in a trap being choked to death, and there was another tight wire around his middle that was cutting deeply in to him, almost cutting him in half. On taking him to the vet, the rescuer was told that Petronel had also been permanently blinded due to a blow to the head.

Petronel’s rescuer sat on the veterinary clinic steps and wept. Many people passed by but nobody showed any compassion. Then Petronel’s rescuer felt a gentle touch to the leg. It was Petronel. Through all his misery and pain, and despite what humans had done to him, this blind, gentle, terribly abused little creature, still wanted to show love, affection and comfort.

Cruelty like this goes on all the time in Romania. Sadly, Petronel is just one example amongst a huge number of other cases.

Image: This little puppy, Hope-Angel, was beaten so viciously that she was left paralysed and permanently unable to use her back legs at all. ‘Our Friends’, or ‘prietenii Nostri’ Dog Rescue rescued Angel and found her a loving home away from people who think it is acceptable to treat innocent animals with such cruelty.



Among other animals, horses are being badly maltreated in Romania. Horses are often over worked, continuing to be viciously whipped even they have collapsed or the load is too heavy for them to pull.

Wild horses are being caught so and then sold for slaughter. They are kept in inhumane conditions until they travel to their destination where they will be slaughtered. When travelling, the mares are separated from their foals, even if the foals are under one week old. The horses are cruelly transported over 23.5 hours without any food or water. Unsurprisingly, several die from dehydration or injuries sustained on the journey.

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Serbian Torture Of Dogs

Even countries that apparently have some animal welfare laws, such as Serbia, treat animals with contempt, inflicting horrific torture and abuse on them. If this abuse is ever reported to authorities, they are not interested in enforcing animal welfare laws and no prosecutions are brought.

Poison is regularly put out to kill street dogs – causing them horrendously prolonged and painful deaths. They are tortured to death by citizens: beaten, shot, hacked to death – killed any way imaginable.

Image: This innocent and non-aggressive dog, who was minding its own business and not being a threat to anyone, was mercilessly shot until dead in front of people.



People have even gone to the trouble of seeking out animal rescues in Serbia and thrown poisoned meat over the fence of the rescues, killing the dogs in the rescue’s care. Volunteers arriving at the rescues have been devastated to find the dogs, that were not doing any harm to anyone, had been purposely sought out and murdered.

In order to deal with the animal overpopulation, local authorities are known to pay people to inhumanely murder these innocent animals.

Even when seemingly humane ‘Capture, Neuter, Release’ programs are implemented by local authorities, the dogs are neutered but thrown out on to the street long before they are recovered and while still very vulnerable to infection, many with open wounds. Sadly, many of them die a prolonged and painful death due to this.

Image: This female dog, Coral, was found dying in a ditch in excruciating pain after being neutered by the Serbian authorities. She was thrown back on the street having had no stitches and no after care. Her intestines were spilling out of her stomach and she was left in terrible pain. She was rescued by Serbia’s Forgotten Paws, but sadly died. There are many more like Coral, the result of capture-neuter-release programs not being carried out properly. Countries with animal overpopulation problems often receive grants from the EU for these programs, but corruption means it is misused, so animals continue to suffer.


Dogs are not neutered by owners and are regularly abandoned, and abandoned dogs and newly born puppies freeze to death in the low temperatures.


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Torture Of Dogs In Bulgaria

Image: This 6 month old puppy was beaten viciously, then tied up to a car and dragged for a while at high speed. The pup ended up with horrific injuries and was left to die in the garden by the owner. All this happened in front of many witnesses, including neighbours, but nobody reported it. After three days, the puppy was rescued and found to have 3 broken legs, broken toes on the back legs, multiple open wounds, some infected, torn ligaments and the worst – infection spreads fast and could get to the bones.


Image: Bulgaria deal with the animal overpopulation in inhumane ways such as mass poisoning of dogs and cats, which causes slow and excruciatingly painful deaths.


The video below gives an insight in to how animals in Bulgaria suffer:


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Moldovan Dog Cruelty

Every single day, Moldovan dogs are abused, tortured and killed using extremely cruel animal overpopulation controls. There are thousands of homeless dogs on the streets, and the Moldovan Government is not interested in using humane methods to solve this problem. They seem to feel that killing them with unbelievable cruelty is perfectly acceptable.

Everybody in Moldova knows it happens, but nobody seems to care enough to help these dogs. In fact, most citizens of Moldova support this cruelty and are keen for a larger number of dogs to be killed this way. They regularly call the dog killers and request vans to collect dogs and take them to the “territory of death”.

Dogs are known to be tortured before their death by being skinned alive for their fur. Their fur is sold at local markets and used to be made in to such items as belts.

Other dogs are killed simply because they are on the streets, and it is easier to kill them in inhumane, brutal and cruel ways instead of investing money and helping them in civilized, humane ways.

Image: Animal overpopulation control methods are extremely cruel in Moldova and include beating street dogs to death and skinning them alive.


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Please Boycott Countries Cruel To Animals – And Tell Them Why

When many people refuse to support the tourism industry of countries who use cruel animal overpopulation controls, or have poor animal welfare standards in general, is a good way to force them to think about the issue of raising animal welfare standards.

What is even more effective is contacting the Tourism Departments of the countries and explaining to them that, although you are happy to visit countries with high animal welfare standards, you will never contribute to their tourism industry, because you know how their animals are treated. Including an outline of the abuse you know about is also very helpful.

It may also be worth mentioning that any denial is pointless, as there is a huge amount of indefensible evidence available on the web.

It is definitely worth saying that you will be doing all you can to spread the word and put people off visiting their country because of their treatment of animals. You could add that the majority, not the minority, of people in other countries find the maltreatment of animals reprehensible.

You could suggest that if they do not want to be seen as an uncivilised, unevolved country, they educate their people to feel compassion for animals, and they also implement and ENFORCE severe
punishments by law for all animal cruelty.

It could be suggested to them that a civilised, humane way of dealing with animal overpopulation issues is by implementing catch-neuter-release programs in a HUMANE way. A humane way being: treating the animals humanely throughout & releasing them only after they are fully healed and not at risk of infection or falling into bad health once back on the streets.


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Ways To Help Stop Animal Cruelty And Suffering

Turning your anger in to action is the only way things actually get changed for animals. There are numerous ways to help animals, and they can be found in the Help Stop Animal Cruelty & Suffering section of this site. There are ways that will suit everyone, no matter what your personality of lifestyle.

You can target one area of animal cruelty to help stop, such as cruel animal overpopulation controls, or you can help stop animal cruelty and suffering in general.

If you would like to learn more about why we so urgently need to help stop animal suffering, please have a look at the Types Of Animal Cruelty section of this site. It will allow you to broaden your knowledge of many different types of animal abuse that happens in the world.

Help animals further by sharing the ways to stop animal cruelty you learn with other people and on social media. Doing this could mean more people help stop the cruelty, and therefore you are responsible for more animals being saved from suffering.

If you would like to find organisations needing your action and support to fight against a specific type of cruelty, enter the type of cruelty you want to help stop (for example “Chinese Medicine Animal Cruelty”) into a search engine online, or search bar on social media.
Use a fundraising search engine so you can raise money to help animals with every search.

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