Run a Facebook Group Or Page For An Animal Rescue


It is extremely helpful for an animal rescue to have a social media presence, where their group or page is kept updated. Volunteers are often needed to do this and these can be in short supply. If you write about the animals and share photos and videos regularly, it is a very effective way of engaging people, gaining support, spreading awareness, and helping re-home and save more animals.

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Is It Best To Create A Page Or Group?

If the animal rescue or charity does not have a social media page already, you can also start one up for it. Before you do so, you need to approach them to get their permission and co-operation, so they will provide you with the information you need.

A social media page, like a website, is another powerful publicity tool to take advantage of. Facebook is a common social media site animal rescues use.

The following is a basic description of how Facebook works.

On Facebook there are

  • Facebook Profiles, Also Called Timelines (Just To Confuse You!): If you are not familiar with Facebook, it is where individuals register with their own name and are given a “Profile” also called a “Timeline”. They will receive friend requests from people, which they can accept or not. They can also friend request people they would like to have on their friends list by entering names of people they know in to the search bar on their profile, or by joining mutual interest groups and pages, and friend requesting people in them.People in your friends list can see the posts you publish on your profile/timeline. If you have a timeline, you also have a “Home Page”, which can also be called your “News Feed”. This is where you will see bits and pieces of what people on your friends lists have been posting on their own timelines.Here is how to create a Profile/Timeline on Facebook
  • Facebook Pages And Groups: Generally, organisations, such as businesses or charities have “Pages” or “Groups”, whereas individuals have timelines. You can create a page or a group if you have a timeline.


If you create a Page, firstly, you name it (for example, the name of the animal rescue you are creating the page for). Pages have a “Like” button to click at the top, and if people click it, they can receive notifications about whatever is posted (published) on the page. You can invite friends from the friends list on your timeline to “Like” the page you have created, or they can search for it in the search bar everyone has on their profile/timeline.

See here for how to create a Facebook Page (for auctions and buy it now sales, groups are better).


If you create a “Group”, you firstly name it. With a group, you can add people that you have on your timeline/profile friends list, or they can search for it. Once added, people have a choice to remove themselves or not at any time. People who do not can receive notifications every time you post something in your group.

See here for how to create a Facebook Group.

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Information To Include On The Animal Rescue Facebook Page Or Group

Be sure to advertise the animal rescue’s website address on the Facebook page or group, and post about the animals that need homes, showing their pictures and descriptions. You can ask supporters to “share” these posts on their own pages, so that the friends they have on their timelines’ friends lists get to see them as well, not just people on your page or group.

Contact telephone numbers for getting in touch are also important. Your page will be able to receive private inbox messages (like emails), which you must reply to.
You should include the animal rescue shelters policies for adopting animals, the suggested adoption donations. You should also explain the veterinary treatment that is given to the rescued animals whilst at the rescue shelter, and explain that the suggested donation amount is put towards that and other costs, and to help the rescue continue running.

You can write the stories of the animals at the rescue, write of their progress, appeal for people to adopt the pets, and for foster homes and sponsors, and use lots of pictures and videos of the animals. You would be saving lives if you did this, as adoption rates would go up, meaning life saving rescue spaces would be made available.

Find out more about how to do this, on this page

You can also advertise fundraising events for the rescue on the page. In addition, use your page or group to spread the word about the problem of overbreeding for profit, animal abandonment, puppy farms, and other issues related to animal rescue.

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Fundraising Facebook Page / Group

It is also good to have social media fundraising page for an animal rescue. You can run the fundraising event in a separate Facebook group or page, so that you can concentrate on advertising animals for adoption on your main page or group.

For more information, see Run An Internet Animal Rescue Fundraising Group Or Page.

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