Best Charity And Non Profit Insurance For Pets


Charity insurance providers and non profit insurance organisations offer prices just as competitive as insurers who do not donate to charities. Considering that around 50% of pets require veterinary treatment every year, it is a good idea, and responsible, to have pet health insurance.

Not only will you not need to worry about any unexpected large vets bills that may run in to thousands, but you can help animals desperately in need at the same time. By taking out pet insurance with the following insurers you will be doing good atlanta maids for animals in need:

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Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Animal Friends Pet Insurance was originally set up as a not for profit insurance organisation and is the only insurance company in the UK to donate large amounts of money from its profits to animal charities across the world.

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To see some of the worldside organisations that have benefitted, view this link Charities Helped by Animal Friends Pet Insurance. If you know of a particularly deserving and needy charity, they are open to suggestions.

They have a ‘Charity of the Month’ competition every month with a prize of £5000 for the winner, down to £1,500 for the charity who comes fourth.

To visit this site, go to Animal Friends Pet Insurance


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Non Profit Insurance: RSCPA Charity Insurance

In the UK, you can take out pet health insurance with the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Although this is not non profit insurance (NPI) and is underwritten by AXA Insurance, 20% of the payment for each insurance plan goes towards helping the RSPCA in their vitally important work. There is a 5% reduction if you apply online.

To visit this site, go to RSPCA Pet Insurance non-profit-insurance-rspca


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Petplan Pet Insurance

Each time a person takes out a pet health insurance policy with UK insurer Petplan, they donate 10% of the premium to animal charities. If that policy is renewed each year, they continue to make that 10% donation.

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This is not non-profit insurance, but they did form a charitable trust.

They give £500 each month to an animal rehoming centre and provide 4 weeks free pet insurance for pets adopted from certain animal re-homing rescue centres.

In 2016, they donated £3,168,548 to animal charities.

To visit this site, go to Petplan Pet Insurance

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PDSA Charity Insurance

You can help the UK charity, the PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals), by taking out PDSA pet health insurance. It is not a non profit insurance company, but the average donation to the PDSA per policy is 18% of the premium paid.

To visit this site, go to PDSA Pet Insurance

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ASPCA Charity Insurance

By taking out a pet health insurance policy with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) you can help support the vitally important work they do.

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This is not non profit insurance, but does donate funds to the ASPCA. To visit this site, and find out more about their animal charity work, go to ASPCA Pet Insurance

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Healthy Paws Pet Health Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet insurance is not a non profit insurance organisation in itself, but it does have a non profit foundation.

Through their foundation they help pet adoption groups grow and as a result help many homeless pets find new homes. By taking out pet health insurance with them, you will be helping to save more homeless pets.

To visit this site, go to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

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