Create / Run An Animal Rescue Website Or Facebook Page


If you have computer skills, or just enjoy learning how to do things on a computer, you can help animals that way.

An animal rescue website is a very important tool for an animal rescue shelter and helps boost adoptions. You can help animals by creating, and or running, a website for an animal rescue and re-homing organisation that doesn’t already have one.

Having animals’ pictures and details on the organisations’ website is very effective in helping them find homes.

Having pages on social networking sites, such as Facebook, providing similar details, is another enormously useful tool . It helps animals find homes more quickly, meaning the rescue can save more animals in need.

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What Should I Include On An Animal Rescue Website?

A very basic animal rescue shelter website usually provides information about the organisation, contact details, its adoption policy, and how to go about adopting its animals. It normally also appeals for volunteers and fosterers.

If the website can be updated regularly, it should have pictures showing each animal that needs to be re-homed, and information about each animals character, plus the type of home it would be best in.

It is a good idea for the website to spread awareness about the tragic plight of abandoned pets and encourage people to adopt rescue pets rather than buy pets, especially from pet shops which often support puppy farming and disreputable breeders. Let people know how they can help stop these problems.

If a rescue does not currently have a website, or if it’s website does not show it’s animals that need homes, or it has not been updated for some time, this may be a sign that the rescue does not presently have any volunteers with the time / sufficient knowledge of how to do it.

If you have those skills, you would help numerous animals enormously by building and or updating a website for that charity or rescue.

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Where Do I Find Animal Rescues That Need A Website?

You may know of animal rescues near you and could enquire whether they have a website and social media page/group, and whether they would like somebody to create and/or regularly update these things.

On the Adopt A Pet Here page, you will see that some of the animal rescue shelters listed do not appear to have websites (at the time they were listed), or some that are very basic and are not updated with the individual animals that need homes. These rescues probably do not have volunteers with sufficient time or knowledge to do these things.

Before you build a website for an animal rescue shelter, you need to approach them and get their permission and co-operation so they will provide you with the information you need.

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Where Can I Get A Free Website For An Animal Rescue?

The following websites offer free websites, that you could use to help animal rescue shelters and charities.


Website Builder

IM Creator













Image: Screenshot of a sample animal rescue website offered by Wix. Image Source


If you need help with home computer support, a helpful website to contact is EComputerz

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Free Animal Rescue Website Building And Updating Service

If you run an animal rescue shelter and do not have a website, or anyone to update it, read on to see how an animal lover with web design skills is using her knowledge to help animal rescues.

Belinda Sauro is a web designer and wanted to use her expertise to help animal rescues. She started in 1996, and offers to create and update your Animal Rescue site for FREE. Read about her commitment to helping animals here.

She only charges enough for website hosting to cover her costs – between $10 and $20 a year, depending on how big the site is. That is great value, considering what an important tool a website can be for an animal rescue.

In addition, you get access to free fund raising tools, and Belinda will teach you how to update the website, in case you or a volunteer want to do it yourselves.

Belinda is also appealing for volunteers to help her with the volume of work. Contact her here.

Image: A screenshot of, where you can get your animal rescue website built and updated for free, with hosting between only $10 & $20 a year. Image Source


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Build An Animal Rescue Facebook Social Media Page

If the animal rescue or charity does not have a social media page already, you can also start one up for it. Before you do so, you need to approach them to get their permission and co-operation, so they will provide you with the information you need.

A social media page, like a website, is another powerful publicity tool to take advantage of. Facebook is a common social media site animal rescues use.

The following is a basic description of how Facebook works.

On Facebook there are

  • Facebook Profiles, Also Called Timelines (Just To Confuse You!)If you are not familiar with Facebook, it is where individuals register with their own name and are given a “Profile” also called a “Timeline”. They will receive friend requests from people, which they can accept or not. They can also friend request people they would like to have on their friends list by entering names of people they know in to the search bar on their profile, or by joining mutual interest groups and pages, and friend requesting people in them.People in your friends list can see the posts you publish on your profile/timeline. If you have a timeline, you also have a “Home Page”, which can also be called your “News Feed”. This is where you will see bits and pieces of what people on your friends lists have been posting on their own timelines.Here is how to create a Profile/Timeline on Facebook
  • Facebook Pages And GroupsGenerally, organisations, such as businesses or charities have “Pages” or “Groups”, whereas individuals have timelines. You can create a page or a group if you have a timeline.


If you create a Page, firstly, you name it (for example, the name of the animal rescue you are creating the page for). Pages have a “Like” button to click at the top, and if people click it, they can receive notifications about whatever is posted (published) on the page. You can invite friends from the friends list on your timeline to “Like” the page you have created, or they can search for it in the search bar everyone has on their profile/timeline.

See here for how to create a Facebook Page (for auctions and buy it now sales, groups are better).


If you create a “Group”, you firstly name it. With a group, you can add people that you have on your timeline/profile friends list, or they can search for it. Once added, people have a choice to remove themselves or not at any time. People who do not can receive notifications every time you post something in your group.

See here for how to create a Facebook Group.

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Information To Include On The Animal Rescue Facebook Page Or Group

Be sure to advertise the animal rescue’s website address on the Facebook page or group, and post about the animals that need homes, showing their pictures and descriptions. You can ask supporters to “share” these posts on their own pages, so that the friends they have on their timelines’ friends lists get to see them as well, not just people on your page or group.

Contact telephone numbers for getting in touch are also important. Your page will be able to receive private inbox messages (like emails), which you must reply to.
You should include the animal rescue shelters policies for adopting animals, the suggested adoption donations. You should also explain the veterinary treatment that is given to the rescued animals whilst at the rescue shelter, and explain that the suggested donation amount is put towards that and other costs, and to help the rescue continue running.

You can also advertise fundraising events for the rescue on the page. You should also use your page or group to spread the word about the problem of overbreeding for profit, animal abandonment, puppy farms, and other issues related to animal rescue.

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Have An Animal Rescue Auction Facebook Page

An additional idea is to have an online animal rescue charity auction. You can run the fundraising event in a separate Facebook group or page, so that you can concentrate on advertising animals for adoption on your main page or group.

A group is best to run auctions and sales in, as is explained on the Have An Animal Charity Auction Or Sale on Facebook page. See how to run such an online event on that page.

Image: Run a Facebook auction or sale for an animals rescue. Image Source


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Other Ways To Help Save Animals From Cruelty

For other ways to help and save animals by volunteering, see the Be An Animal Volunteer page.

In addition, see many more options in the Help Stop Animal Cruelty & Suffering section of this site.

There is something for everyone, no matter what their personality or circumstances, so there is no need to continue to feel helpless about not being able to help animals.

The more things you can do, the more animals you save from suffering.

If you would like to learn more about why we so urgently need to help stop animal suffering, please have a look at the Types Of Animal Cruelty section of this site. This section will allow you to broaden your knowledge of many different types of animal abuse that happens in the world.

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