All The Ways You Can Help Stop Animal Cruelty And Suffering



On this page  you will find links to all the ways there is on this site to help stop animal cruelty and suffering.

This page lists every page there is on this site about helping animals, as well as the ways to help animals that are within those pages. This is so you can see all the different ways you can help animals, all on one page.


Ways website Visitors Are helping Animals

Ways Website Visitors Are Helping Animals


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Learn About Why Animals Need Our Help

As well as all the ways to help stop animal cruelty and suffering, above, you can expand your knowledge of animal cruelty issues by reading the pages below.

Types Of Animal Cruelty

Fur Farming – Animals Skinned Alive
Page Description: The fur trade is one of the cruelest on earth. Animals are skinned alive for their fur after being crushed in to tiny cages for months to await their fate. They are injured while roughly treated in transit, but left to suffer with broken bones.

Dog Fighting
Page Description: The facts of dog fighting: The horrific abuse inflicted on the dogs by humans, despite the agony they suffer when forced in to fights when desperately trying to survive and please their blood thirsty owners, frightened of the sometimes fatal torture they receive if they disappoint them.

Animal Experimentation
Page Description: Animal experiments are extremely cruel to animals and dangerous to humans as they are so unreliable. Humane methods of testing products, not involving animals, is much safer. Think about how often you hear about a promising new drug that is “expected to be available in about 5 years time”, but then never hear of again. This is because at the animal testing stage the results were encouraging. However, humans respond so differently that the same drugs can be found to be useless or harmful to humans. By buying or using products from companies who test on animals, people are funding and supporting the hideous cruelty, some of which is explained on this page.

Crush Videos
Page Description: Crush videos are videos of animal cruelty showing innocent puppies and kittens being slowly crushed to death under the feet of women for the viewing pleasure of sick and depraved individuals.

Abuse Of Greyhounds In Greyhound Racing
Page Description: There is so much unseen cruelty behind Greyhound racing. If the dogs are not making money they are usually no longer wanted. They are often inhumanely and callously killed, neglected until they die, or are abandoned. They have sometimes had their ears cut off without anaesthetic so their owners cannot be traced through their racing tattoos.

Animal Abuse Cases
Page Description: Every single day countless new cruelty cases are discovered where the extent of animal suffering purposely caused is sickening. Many cases will never be discovered. The cases on this page are just a tiny portion of the horrors that happen every day to numerous innocent animals who are completely undeserving of such malicious, vicious acts. They are examples that serve to remind us why we need to do all we can to help stop animal cruelty and suffering.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Page Description: The use of animals, including endangered species, for Traditional Chinese Medicine, involves horrific cruelty. It threatens the survival of endangered species and causes a life of misery and agony for many animals because the trade is so lucrative to poachers.

The Cat & Dog Meat Trade In Asia
Page Description: Millions of cats and dogs are eaten in countries across Asia. How the cats and dogs are treated and ‘prepared’ is absolutely brutal. Their fates can involve being severely beaten, skinned alive, boiled / baked / cooked alive after horrific treatment.

From Farm To Slaughter House: The Horrifying Cruelty
Page Description: What the meat industry doesn’t want you to know about the terrible cruelty & suffering inside slaughter houses. This page reveals the horrifying animal abuse that is common place in the meat industry that every meat consumer is funding. There is also the illegal meat trade which can be fatal to humans.

Factory Farming
Page Description: This page is about the suffering and misery caused to farm animals trapped in to a life of factory farming.

Cruel Animal Overpopulation Controls & Attitudes Worldwide
Page Description: Cruel measures to control animal overpopulation are legal in different countries, causing animals terrible prolonged suffering. In some countries, citizens are be paid to kill stray dogs in cruel, barbaric ways. In others, they are burned alive – all despite humane methods of controlling the population being no more expensive.

Breed Specific Legislation
Page Description: Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is where law makers order the deaths of millions of gentle, innocent dogs, that have never done anything wrong, JUST because they are a certain breed. It has already in force in the UK and is a constant threat in other places.

Spanish Festivals Of Animal Torture And Other Cruel Traditions Worldwide
Page Description: There are sadistic Spanish festivals involving the terrifying & torturing to death of innocent animals. Other countries also have horrific traditions like this, such as the Brazilian Festival Farra Do Boi, detailed on this page too.

Pet Shops, Puppy Farms, And Back Yard Breeders
Page Description: Puppy farms and puppy mills are cruel prisons full of suffering that are only interested in profit and not animal welfare. They supply pet shops & kill breeder dogs after abusing them all their lives. Customers of these pet shops who buy these puppies fund this cruelty and abuse. Behind the scenes, animals suffer horrifying cruelty and suffering to make pet shops money.

Pet Abandonment
Page Description: Millions of pets are abandoned every year and only a tiny proportion of these are adopted. This results in millions of innocent loving pets being put to death, often in horrific ways, every year.

Horse Racing, Abandonment & Abuse
Page Description: Horse racing causes many horses to suffer terribly. From horses forced to race that die on race courses, to ones killed, abandoned & neglected when no longer of use. The majority that don’t make the grade, or that retire, end up slaughtered for the horse meat industry.

The Bush Meat Trade
Page Description: This page provides information about illegal poachers brutally killing wild animals for meat, endangering species.

Wildlife Smuggling and the Illegal Exotic Pet Trade
Page Description: The fourth biggest illegal trade in the world, which funds organised crime and leads to extinction of endangered species, this trade causes unimaginable cruelty and suffering to its animal victims.

Rhino Poaching
Page Description: With rhino horns being worth more than gold, poachers are quickly driving the Rhinoceros to extinction using brutal methods, causing each Rhino horrific suffering.

The Ivory Trade
Page Description: Because of the lucrative illegal international ivory trade, enormous numbers of elephants are brutally massacred ever year for their tusks, funding organised crime, leaving young orphaned elephants, & elephants as a species fast becoming extinct.

The Ivory Trade
Page Description: Because of the luctrative illegal international ivory trade, scores of elephants across Asia and Africa are brutally massacred ever year for their tusks, leaving their young orphaned, & elephants under threat of extinction.

Canned Hunts & Trophy Hunting
Page Description: Canned hunting and trophy hunting is where companies trap wild animals in enclosed areas of varying size, sometimes tame and drug them to make them slow and less afraid of humans, and then accept large payments from individuals who want to kill them or fun.

Animal Tourism Cruelty
Page Description: 
Find out how animals involved in animal related tourism suffer due to tourists funding the industry.

Shock Dog Collars
Page Description: Electric shock dog collars are used to try to stop dogs barking, or to discourage other unwanted behaviour. However, faulty collars, or misuse of the collars by children who know no better, or by cruel people, can cause burns, life long anxiety & great suffering to pets.

Circus Animal Cruelty
Page Description: Find out about the terrible suffering animals are made to endure when part of a circus.

Link Between Animal cruelty And Human Violence
Page Description: People who perpetrate human violence often begin by torturing animals, often in their youth. If someone is cruel to animals, it is a warning sign that their behaviour could escalate.